PowerPoint just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore when pitching for new business in the world of media buying. Having recently been commissioned by Mindshare – the global media network who employ nearly 6,000 people in 82 countries – we collaborated with renowned Brazilian digital artist Bernado Varela to help Mindshare’s creative team design and construct a stage set for their big next brand pitch.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Pitch Theatre’, we created 2 distinct spaces for distinct halves of the pitch. The first space was a loft-apartment come bachelor-pad where the clients could kick back and relax. The second hidden space was a completely self-contained, 360 degree digitally-mapped immersive room with a constantly moving animation.

Designed over 2 weeks and built over 3 nights, the timescales made it a very challenging and fast paced project. We provided a full dress service from fridges, sinks and ovens, to clocks, cushions and artwork. The outcome was a very happy client and a solution from another dimension!

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