We are entering a time where we are seeing more and more old extensions begin to deteriorate and become in need of restoration. Progression in internal and external building systems, products, and materials means that we are now able to update old extensions to meet current building regulations, and then at the same time adapt the way the extension looks and functions. This project for Kandyce and Graham in an Ealing Conservation area aims to do just that.

The extension will be dismantled and re-modelled to have new window and door openings, and new bespoke rooflights to allow more natural light into the heart of the house, whilst a restructured internal layout will meet the client’s specific daily needs. Such revisions also afford the opportunity to future proof the home by upgrading the extensions building fabric to surpass current building regulations and energy efficiency standards.

This project highlights the fact that every house is different, and every homeowner is unique, and quite often new homeowners don’t match old homes.

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