Peckham Levels Staircase

The graphics you see and experience within the stairwell are an amalgamation of the building levels and the colour coding system.

As you move up and down the stairwell, the colour(s) you are surrounded by reflect the level(s) inside the main building. This is what drives the split colour coding on the entrance landings and full colour coding on the half landings. The split nature of the graphic is designed to help you understand which levels you are entering and which you are leaving.

The handrails are also split in colour to help with wayfinding, and point towards the levels above and below you so you know which direction to head for that level.

These colour coding and graphic forms have been designed as a wayfinding system which can be easily scaled from a two-dimensional graphic for informational or marketing purposes, to a three-dimensional spatial experience within the stairwell, the ramps, and the building itself.

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