Technicolour Dream Pad

“Utilitarian but glamorous? It sounds like a bit of a stretch, but with the help of Alexander Owen Architecture, Cleo has created a vibrant, light-filled space with a clear nod to the building’s industrial past.”
“Lighting in the main living space comes via a bright-pink triangular installation designed by Cleo’s architects to echo the purple steels which frame the mezzanine bedroom area above. “I love that it is completely bespoke to the area and reflects the features of the space so well,” says Cleo. “My architects really got what I was about.”
“Star of the show is a bespoke coral and gold “shoe wardrobe”. As the glass door to each section is opened, a shelf glides forwards to proffer the selected shoe. The architects used hinges more commonly seen in cars to achieve this effect. Again, a “nuts and bolts” approach amid all this glamour.”

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