Make My Home Green, whose mission is to make UK homes warm, comfortable and energy efficient, has assessed our warehouse retrofit in West London.

Their energy Assessors are fully qualified, insured and accredited by National Energy Services (NES/NHER), and BRE, two of the UK’s leading professional accreditation bodies.

Upgrading the efficiency of an existing dwelling can be a complex process, and the results are influenced by a homeowner’s aspiration and budget, as well as the building’s suitability to various improvements.

Below is a basic summary of measures we installed in this warehouse retrofit, and above is an infographic depicting outline stats:


 Existing un-insulated roof deck: 100mm PIR between new joists and 52.5mm PIR below joists

Existing un-insulated solid external brick walls: 62.5mm insulated plasterboard

Existing poorly-insulated external timber-frame walls: 100mm PIR between studs and 52.5mm PIR behind studs

Existing single glazed crittal windows: Single glazing replaced with double glazing

Existing un-insulated window reveals: Spacetherm PP Panels dot and dab bonded (9.5mm Plasterboard/6mm Plywood/10mm Aerogel)

Internal Heating and Power Upgrades:

Removal of 2No. air conditioning units

Timer + thermostats – separate for hot water and heating

All separate heating zones (5 for UFH on first floor; 1 zone for second floor; 1 zone for hot water)

Thermostat with ‘night set back’ for heating

Timer for radiators and towers rails, all with TRVs

Boiler has an internal load compensator

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